11 Best Hotel Management Games

In these games about running a hotel, you have to take care of your guests.

Manager, business, and simulation games have covered almost any subject you can think of. When you pressure wash for fun, we know that video game makers can do anything. So, when it comes to running a hotel, you have a lot of choices.

Many hotel management games also have elements from other types of games, like golf fields or ski resorts, that you can run. If you need to check people into rooms for fun, you can spend a lot of time on these games.

Hotel Empire Tycoon

hoteltycoon.jpg (740×370)

Even though Hotel Empire Tycoon is an idle mobile game, it will satisfy your desire to run a hotel. Most idle games don’t require you to be in front of your screen all the time, which might be a good thing when it comes to something like running a hotel.

All the important parts of management are here, like renting rooms and making sure people are happy, as well as hiring staff. As you play, you can change how each hotel looks. You’ll have to pay to get rid of the annoying ads, but it’s still a fun way to kill time.

Bear and Breakfast

bear-and-breakfast-bear-outside-of-hotel.jpg (740×370)

Bear and Breakfast is a cute game that anyone who loves nature will enjoy. It’s a business game where you, as a bear, have to run a B&B in the middle of the forest where you live.

As you gather resources and make things for your hotel, you have a lot of ways to make it your own. But this game has a story, so it’s not just about making a lot of money. As you go farther and farther away, you’ll notice that something strange is going on.

Hotel Magnate

magnate.jpg (740×370)

From Arcade, the Hotel Magnate In Oven, you can make a hotel from scratch and then run it. It’s a popular game because the way you run it is easy and fun, and you can add a lot of different things to your hotel.

This might be more fun for mobile gamers, but you can create each room in detail in Hotel Magnate. You can also work on more advanced parts of running a hotel, like marketing and managing employees. The style of the art goes well with how casual it is.

Golf Resort Tycoon

golfresorttycoon.jpg (740×370)

The games Golf Resort Tycoon and GRT 2 came out in the early 2000s. Most people agree that if you like golf and business games, these are right up your alley. You’ll build your own golf club, which will have hotels to make sure that people keep spending money there.

As in any Tycoon game, your goal is to make sure everyone is happy. You can also build a golf course. In the second game, you can even play your own course as a golfer, which is a nice touch. If you like golf and business simulation games, this game will seem like heaven to you.

Hilton Garden Inn: Ultimate Team Play

hilton.jpg (740×370)

Hilton Garden Inn: Ultimate Team Play was used to train people in the hotel business. The game was made for the PlayStation Portable by Virtual Heroes, and you’ll play a worker at a Hilton Garden Inn hotel. You’ll have to do things like clean the rooms, work at the front desk, and run the hotel’s kitchen.

The game had a dialogue tree with different ways to talk to people. Depending on what you said, your score went up or down. Unlike the other games on this list, this one was made for people who work in hotels.

Hotel Giant 2

hotelgiant.jpg (740×370)

Hotel Giant 2 adds to the first game by giving you 1,400 objects, pieces of furniture, and decorations that you can use to improve your business. You can make your own hotel, or you can run one of 26 already made hotels in places all over the world.

At the time, the 3D images were good for a game like this. There are so many ways to customize the game that you can get into the smallest things, like what’s on the menu at your hotel restaurant.

Neko Atsume

Neko-Atsume-Lawn-With-Five-Rare-Cats.jpg (740×370)

Neko Atsume is a phone game for people who like cats. Because of this, it’s very easygoing. You’re kind of like the manager of a small cat hotel. You choose the toys, beds, and food that the cats who stay there will enjoy.

This game is great for people who don’t have a lot of time to kill. You can only do so much in a game before you just have to wait. You’ll find a new animal friend on your lawn when you check back in an hour or two later.

The Sims 2 DS

sims2.jpg (740×370)

The Sims 2 DS is different from other Sims games because you run a hotel instead of living your own life. As the boss of the Strangetown Hotel, players deal with Sims, build hotel rooms, and try to raise the score of the hotel.

Griptonite Games did a good job of making Spacebar Clicker different from the main series, so it can stand on its own. Because of this, it was liked by Nintendo DS players who gave it a try.

Ski Resort Tycoon

skiresort.jpg (740×370)

In Ski Resort Tycoon, which is another tycoon game, you run a mountain lodge with all of its parts. In this game, you are in charge of the whole resort, from rooms to food to activities to staff and more. ​​​​​​​

One cool thing about this game is that it has a 3D mode that lets people see their getaway from the ground up. A guest-eating Yeti is there to add to the fun and test your managing skills. This is another sprite-base business game that can really take up all of your free time.

Soda Dungeon

the-soda-dungeon-tavern.jpg (740×370)

In reality, taverns are just hotels set in a dream world or a very, very long time ago. So, with that in mind, here is Soda Dungeon! You run a tavern near the kind of dungeon where people always go looking for wealth or to test their strength.

Managing your bar and the food you serve there is the main part of the game. The longer adventurers stay in the cave, the better you treat them before they go in. You want them to be as ready as possible because the longer they last, the more treasure you get!

You can take a break from managing the tavern by controlling the adventurers while they fight in the cave, or you can just let them do it on their own and collect the rewards. And if you like Soda Dungeon, there’s even a second game you can try!

Holiday Island

holidayisland.jpg (740×370)

Holiday Island, a popular game from the mid-1990s, was inspired by Sim City. You won’t build a city, though. Instead, you’ll build a tourist spot by building hotels and other sites. This fun business game has a lot of things to do.

It’s strange that this game wasn’t made by Maxis, since it was made by the German company Sunflower at the height of the Sims craze. The funniest thing is that Sunflower added a feature to Holiday Island where you can hire a hitman to go after other resort companies.

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