13 Pro-Tips For Making Caps Fast In Fallout 4

These Fallout 4 ways have been tried and tested, so if you want easy and quick caps, you should use them.

In Fallout 4, you can deal with a lot of people all over the Commonwealth. If you don’t have enough of this wasteland cash, you might need a quick way to make a lot of caps. You can use caps to buy a lot of different things, like rare and strong weapons, armor, ammo, and many other important things.

Here are some of the best ways to get caps quickly in Fallout 4, so you can buy everything the sellers have to sell. If you want quick and easy caps, these are tried and true ways to do it.

Sell Vendors Their Own Goods

fallout-4-best-ways-to-make-caps-steal.jpg (740×370)

Some people find it too immoral to even think about stealing, but the Fallout 4 sellers really don’t care. In fact, if you are sneaky enough to steal something that is on show or hidden in the back of the store, the vendors will gladly buy it back from you.

Don’t try to steal from sellers, because they rarely have anything valuable on them anyway. Instead, try to steal things from shelves, especially those that are out of the shop owner’s sight or on a different floor. If you make too much noise, they might hear you taking, which will get you into a lot of trouble.

Grow Vegetables And Sell Them To A Merchant

fallout_4_mutfruit.jpg (740×370)

One of your towns, which are spread out around the world, can grow many different kinds of crops. Some of these veggies are mutfruit, tatos, and carrots. Each of these can be traded or used in recipes that sell for a pretty cap.

All of these ingredients can make you a lot of money and are also not too heavy, so you can easily take them to a vendor to sell them. Overall, one of the best ways to make caps in Fallout 4 is to grow and sell veggies. Once you have a few, you can grow a nearly endless supply of them.

Unlock The Scrounger Perk And Sell The Extra Ammo

Fallout-4-Ammo-Boxes.jpeg (740×370)

With the Scrounger perk, you can find more ammunition in Fallout 4 containers when you go on adventures. This effect helps most when emptying containers, especially ammo boxes, which usually have the most ammo inside.

If you find that you don’t need a certain type of ammo while you’re looting it, you can sell it to a vendor and make money. When you get to the next level of the Scrounger perk, each container gives you a lot of ammo, which you can sell for a lot of money if you don’t need it.

Loot Every Body And Container Around The World

fallout4_dead_body.jpg (740×370)

Even though it’s easy to speedrun a lot of adventures, you should take your time and smell the bodies. Keep an eye out for bodies that might have valuable things hidden on them or a pile of caps in a hidden container that are just waiting for you to pick them up.

Sometimes it’s important to slow down, and if you want to get a lot of caps fast, one of the best ways is to loot everything around you while you’re exploring. Watch out for heavy things, though, because they often cause more trouble with inventory than they’re worth.

Complete Faction Radiant Quests

fallout4_preston.jpg (740×370)

Radiant tasks are great for getting a lot of caps because they don’t take long to finish. Some of them give you a lot of caps as well as XP when you finish them.

For example, the settlement tasks that Preston Garvey gives you to clear out a Super Mutant camp or other similar threats are short and give you the chance to collect a lot of caps. If you finish a lot of these glowing quests at once, you will get rich quickly.

Unfortunately, these quests are very repetitive, and they rarely have more than a few lines of conversation to tell a story.

Sell Unused Weapons And Armor

fallout4_inventory.jpg (740×370)

Even if you save your items for friends or specific situations, you may find that many of them are useless once you find better choices. Most of the time, you could sell these guns and armor for a lot of caps, which is better than keeping them in a container or your inventory to use later.

If you can’t figure out how to organize your gear after getting a lot of it, you should start by getting rid of everything.

Once you have all your stuff, go through it and put on the things you can’t live without. Set about five to seven more weapons and armor pieces aside. Besides these, the rest of your stock should be easy to sell.

Take The Fortune Finder Perk

fallout4_fortune_finder.jpg (740×370)

You can get the Fortune Finder perk very quickly because you only need Luck 1 to get to the first rank. This amazing perk has a total of four levels, and you have to reach level 40 before you can take the final level of the Fortune Finder perk.

With the Fortune Finder perk, you can find more bottle caps in containers and on dead people. This is very useful and especially helpful if you are a good wastelander and are stealing everything around you.

Build Some Shops At A Settlement

fallout4_settlement_shops.jpg (740×370)

When you build shops in a town, you’ll get a steady flow of caps that will keep you going for a long time. To build a shop, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of caps at first. However, the few thousand caps are well worth it in the long run.

You can build a lot of these shops and set up supply lines in many different towns to get a steady flow of caps. Without a question, this settlement method is one of the best ways to make a lot of caps with little work in Fallout 4.

Upgrade The Charisma S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stat

fallout4_special_stats.jpg (740×370)

If you want to make caps quickly, you need to have a high Charisma stat because it will help you negotiate with quest-givers. If you like to talk about your problems, this statistic will also help you do that.

You can use your Charisma stat during dialogue with NPCs who give you quests to get more money from them. Sometimes, this will let you get almost a thousand more caps from a single task.

Complete The “Diamond City Blues” Quest

fallout4_diamond_city_blues.jpg (740×370)

When you first finish the “Diamond City Blues” quest, it won’t give you many caps, but it will give you a lot of materials you can use to make Chems. Most Chems sell for a ton of caps, but rare ones can be worth 100s of caps.

When you finish the “Diamond City Blues” side quest, you will find ingredients that can be used to make more than 50 Jet. This is one of the best ways to make money, especially early in a game.

This is also a good way to level up, since creating gives experience. Step into the Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City to start this quest.

Become A Raider In Nuka-World

fallout4_nuka_world.jpg (740×370)

The Nuka-World DLC added a lot of fun new game features to Fallout 4, which helped make Snake Game more interesting.

You could become a raider and start your own raider camps with one of these new features. Like town shops, these camps give you caps over time.

You can send Raiders and set up camps in different towns around the Commonwealth if you go to Nuka-World and finish the Raider quest line. This will make a steady run of money in the form of caps, which you will find on their workbench often.

Take The Cap Collector Perk

fallout4_cap_collector-1.jpg (740×370)

Like the Fortune Finder perk, the Cap Collector perk will give you a lot more caps. This perk is a little different, though, because instead of getting more caps, you will save more when you trade with traders. Even though you might not be able to see the saves, they will help you keep your savings account full in the long run.

Upgrading Charisma will also let you buy things for less money and get more caps when you sell things. This is a must-have perk if you want to trade with NPCs.

Build A Bunch Of Water Purifiers

fallout4_water_purifiers.jpg (740×370)

This is known as one of the fastest and most popular ways to get a lot of caps in Fallout 4.

When water purifiers are built in a town, purified water will regularly appear on the workbench. This water sells for a lot, especially when combined with the right perk, like the Cap Collector perk.

Using this method to make a lot of water purifiers in Sanctuary Hills or Spectacle Island, which have the most water of all the towns in Fallout 4, is very helpful.

Then, you can take your clean water to Diamond City or another big town in the game and sell it in bulk for a lot of caps.

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