4 Methods The Motion pictures Are Higher Than The Anime (& 4 They’re Worse)

Assault on Titan is without doubt one of the finest manga sequence ever made. There are a lot of totally different variations of it, such because the anime and the live-action motion pictures. Whereas the anime would grow to be the most well-liked out of all of the Assault on Titan variations, the live-action movies did not obtain the identical success.

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Nevertheless, that does not imply that the live-action motion pictures weren’t good. Whereas there are quite a lot of variations between them and the anime, the movies launched issues that weren’t within the anime and even improved some issues.

8 Higher: The Titans Are Scarier In The Motion pictures

Colossal Titan AoT Movie

Although the Titans are an enormous menace in each adaptation of Assault on Titan, they’re much scarier within the motion pictures than they’re within the anime, making the movie really feel extra like a horror than a fantasy. As a result of movies being live-action, it is way more horrifying to see them eat folks and rip them open.

Once they broke into Monzen, the movies’ counterpart to Shiganshina, the worry that Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the remainder of the people felt was way more sensible than it was within the anime. The scene was way more graphic and folks have been doing all the things they may to get to security.

7 Worse: The Worldbuilding Was Higher In The Anime

Anime Attack On Titan Eren Scouts In Jaeger Basement

Within the anime, the general public in Paradis believed that solely Titans lived exterior the partitions. Nevertheless, the Survey Corps finally found the reality after they learn the books Grisha Jaeger left behind. There have been many different folks in quite a lot of different international locations, most of which hated the Eldians for the methods they abused them for hundreds of years. Eren finally goes to those different nations when he begins the Rumbling.

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Within the motion pictures, nonetheless, Eren as an alternative learns that Titans have been created from a navy experiment that went incorrect, leading to many individuals remodeling. The federal government used the Titans to realize extra energy contained in the partitions, which Eren hoped to deliver an finish to peacefully.

6 Higher: Regular Titans Have been A Predominant Menace

AoT movie titan

One of many issues that followers favored rather a lot originally of the anime was the fights between people and regular Titans. Nevertheless, as soon as the Titan Shifters and corrupt governments turned a higher a part of the story, regular Titans weren’t as related.

The movies change this, as regular Titans are primary threats your complete time. Whereas there are higher antagonists in them, the films continued exhibiting off regular Titans in ways in which the anime stopped doing after its first couple seasons.

5 Worse: There Weren’t As Many Titan Shifters

AoT Warriors eat

The explanation why the films have been in a position to deal with regular Titans extra is that there weren’t almost as many Titan Shifters in them. Solely three Titan Shifters existed within the movies, with Eren being the one one which’s additionally within the anime.

The opposite two have been Shikishima, a combination between the Armored and Beast Titans, and Kubal, the Colossal Titan’s heir. Nearly all of the 9 Titans have been written out totally and not one of the Titan Shifters handed their energy onto one other character.

4 Higher: Eren Remodeling Into A Titan In Order To Battle Titans For The First Time

AoT Movie Eren

Whereas the anime had some wonderful plot twists, the earliest ones have been very predictable, comparable to Eren remodeling right into a Titan. The primary film did a greater job at surprising the viewers with this reveal, not less than for people who did not already know that Eren was a Titan Shifter.

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Because the pacing was quicker, followers watched Eren get eaten, solely to come back out of the Titan that devoured him moments later. Revealing that individuals may grow to be Titans by means of this was higher than exhibiting Eren in his Titan type combating on the people’ aspect. Audiences have been in a position to suspect what was happening whereas solely the characters have been in shock.

3 Worse: The Battles Weren’t As Epic

Levi slays the Beast Titan

Whereas the fights from the films have been good, they have been nothing in comparison with the fights seen within the anime. From the skirmishes towards regular Titans to the epic battles between troopers and Warriors, followers have been thrilled by the anime’s motion.

Because the anime follows the manga a lot nearer than the films did, the ultimate battle will almost definitely be the identical because it was within the authentic supply materials, which was one of the vital epic fights in anime historical past as Eren fought the Warriors and troopers. This remaining battle was significantly better than the ultimate battle within the second movie.

2 Higher: Shikishima Is A Nice Character That Is Solely In The Motion pictures


Levi and Zeke are two of essentially the most beloved characters within the anime. Whereas the 2 of them are enemies which have fought one another a number of occasions, placing them collectively as one character primarily offers followers Shikishima, a personality that solely appeared within the motion pictures. He was Eren’s brother, a Titan Shifter, and humanity’s strongest soldier.

Whereas he initially appeared to be a unusual hero, he was finally revealed to be one of many primary villains. He needed to interrupt down the partitions, permitting the Titans to kill many of the human race, so he may rise in energy. Shikishima was among the best villains within the franchise.

1 Worse: A Lot Of The Already Present Characters Aren’t As Good

Eren, Mikasa and Armin in Attack on Titan anime

Whereas there are just a few good characters that solely appeared within the movies, characters which can be from the supply materials weren’t almost as attention-grabbing as they have been within the anime. The flicks modified Eren rather a lot and he was solely the protagonist in each of them, reasonably than turning into an antagonist as he did within the anime’s final season.

Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Sasha, and lots of different beloved characters from the anime weren’t as effectively obtained by followers both. Many followers most popular the anime variations of those characters over their movie counterparts.

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