9 Best Stages In Mortal Kombat, Ranked

These Mortal Kombat sets are not just cool to look at. Some of them changed the way fighting games are played as a whole.

In fighting games, many players don’t pay much attention to the stages, which are just there to set the scene for the action. But there’s no denying that some fighting game brands have made memorable fight arenas that stand out for their design, atmosphere, and music. In the Mortal Kombat series, this is especially true. It has a deep story and a lot of different places where players can fight. In many stages, characters can also interact with their surroundings. This really brings the field to life.

Since the days when Mortal Kombat was in arcades, the stages have been one of the things that set it apart from other games, along with its violent gameplay and Fatalities. The story of this popular series was always hinted at in these stages. There are a few stages that longtime fans agree are much more popular than the others.

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