a violent, fun and mindless action movie experience

Maggie Q stars in "The Protégé."

If videos like “Kill Bill,” “John Wick” and “Star Wars” have taught us anything, killing the close friends or relatives of an motion movie protagonist is commonly a poor plan in particular if that protagonist is Anna Dutton (Maggie Q), the world’s greatest assassin. 

“The Protégé” is directed by Martin Campbell, an market veteran whose most famed films consist of such prolific titles as “GoldenEye,” “The Mask of Zorro” and “Casino Royale” all of which are charismatic, expertly choreographed and quick-paced romps which stand at the forefront of the action film style. Offered his groundbreaking and outstanding filmography, I went into the theater questioning if “The Protégé ” would be a part of the ranks of Campbell’s most effective is effective. The solution to this quandary is straightforward: no.

Although “The Protégé” unfortunately is not admitted to the coveted action film corridor of fame, it is by no signifies a bad motion picture — it is truly fairly excellent. Polished action sequences, a swift tempo and witty, kinetic dialogue saved the movie very entertaining all over the runtime. Having said that, the deficiency of a persuasive key antagonist, mundane plot and absence of higher narrative themes make “The Protégé” a film most will neglect just after the runtime has finished. 

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