Cloudy Mountain is an action-packed geological disaster film

Zhu Yilong as Hong Yizhou in Cloudy Mountain. (Photo: Golden Village Pictures)

Zhu Yilong as Hong Yizhou in Cloudy Mountain. (Photograph: Golden Village Photographs)

Size: 115 minutes
Director: Li Jun
Cast: Zhu Yilong, Huang Zhizhong, Chen Shu, Jiao Junyan
Language: Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles

In theatres from 21 October (Singapore)

Cloudy Mountain is an action disaster movie starring Zhu Yilong as Hong Yizhou, the performing chief engineer of the Yunjiang Tunnel Venture. However, setting up the tunnel in the mountainous region has fulfilled with a large amount of complications, in particular these brought on by geological improvements.

One particular day, the mountains determine to unleash their fury by a significant landslide, which threatens not just the tunnel task, which has been ongoing for a ten years, but also a close by city loaded with persons who are unable to evacuate in time. The China Railway Construction has to find a way to help save the two the tunnel and the city, or both one has to be sacrificed.

Cloudy Mountain has an intriguing idea on the difficulties of constructions, which pays tribute to the hard operate and sacrifices of the railroad troopers. Hong Yizhou’s father Lao Hong (Huang Zhizhong) represents these railroad soldiers and the regular techniques of taking care of constructions, while Yizhou represents the modern, technological ways. In an escaping scene, you will see how these two methods vary and the development that technological innovation has furnished.

Nevertheless, the storyline did not are living up to the anticipations of the notion, and can be as well predictable. In addition, Yizhou has been offered way much too much limelight, this sort of that virtually every single final decision or strategy comes from him, producing the others in the tunnel undertaking crew feel worthless.

Even so, Cloudy Mountain is nevertheless packed with fascinating sequences that will continue to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. A thrilling scene comes about as shortly as in the introduction of the film, which also sees a hidden aspect of Yizhou, who offers a robust and able facade. This hidden facet will later on unveil the conflicts Yizhou has with Lao Hong.

Throughout the climax of the father-son conflict, Zhu Yilong has done a outstanding occupation in portraying the uncooked and helpless emotions of Yizhou. It is not possible not to be moved by his sensible, heartfelt performing, which has taken up a notch from his properly-identified portrayal of Wu Xie in the thriller drama Reunion: The Seem Of The Providence.

Similar to most disaster films, Cloudy Mountain also does not overlook to include some tear-jerking scenes. But the predictability of the tale undermines these scenes, creating them a lot less impactful than they could have been, which is definitely a pity. In a way, it feels like the movie is striving to realize a lot — action scenes, disaster scenes, touching scenes, tribute to the railroad soldiers — but does not discover each and every component in depth, building the plot somewhat superficial.

With exceptional acting from Zhu Yilong, Cloudy Mountain is an enjoyable film to enjoy. But it could have been even much better with a a lot more coherent and fewer predictable storyline.

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