Dev Anand-Vyjanthimala’s Jewel Thief stays one in all Hindi cinema’s tautest thrillers, even 55 years after it was made

Filmmaker Vijay Anand gave Hindi cinema a single of its most revered classics within the type of the 1965 film Information. The Waheeda Rehman-Dev Anand film has been analysed as feminist cinema and is widely known as simply one of many very best works of Waheeda Rehman. And when Tutorial justifies all of the applause, Vijay’s different performs are usually overshadowed by it and an individual of essentially the most vital will work that warrants all of the limelight it will probably get is the 1967 film Jewel Thief. Starring Dev Anand, Vyjanthimala and Ashok Kumar, Jewel Thief is an individual of essentially the most taut thrillers that Hindi cinema has at any time delivered. Which will look like an exaggeration to a Hindi film viewers in 2022, however rewatching the 1967 typical not too way back was a reminder of how a nicely crafted thriller doesn’t do away with its attractiveness even however precisely how it’s prone to shut.

Jewel Thief, because the establish signifies, is about infamous thief who has been robbing jewels from all concerning the nation. Appropriate from the opening, even simply earlier than any of the individuals has a likelihood to say any dialogue, the premise of the story by the dear newspaper cuttings that introduce you to the universe of this movie in simply a lot of frames. Each seen that you simply see right here has this implies, and Vijay establishes very best from the get began that little or no exists only for the sake of it, not even the seemingly frivolous music. You fulfill Vinay, carried out by Dev Anand, however random strangers preserve figuring out him as Amar. He brushes it off as an incident however the frequency simply retains rising till lastly the pivotal scene of the primary act.

jewel thief Jewel Thief begins off as a situation of mistaken id.

Right here, Ashok Kumar’s character is bound that the man professing to be Vinay is, in fact, Amar, his sister’s fiance. The one matter that may convey to them aside is that Amar has six fingers on his very best foot. Vijay has Dev laughing off the accusation and amusing the onlookers till he finally can take the seat and proves his identification prefer it wasn’t even a difficulty. The execution at show display screen listed right here acts nearly like a product for the comfort of the film, and earlier than lengthy instantly after this sequence, you’re hooked.

Jewel Thief is a suspense thriller, which leaves you fully shocked once you first try it. However the excellent feat that’s achieved by the creator and director on this article is that even quickly after many viewings, you can’t look like to uncover anyplace within the screenplay through which you could have been misdirected only for the sake of it. Something retains up, even the character that you simply noticed within the 1st 5 minutes of the movie that appeared fairly insignificant on the time. Seeing pink herrings that basically don’t positively insert up once you revisit the movie is infuriating, and in that workplace, Jewel Thief aces the verify. In extraordinarily Hitchcockian-fashion, the clues planted collectively the way in which direct the viewers to the closing thriller and though they might have missed it within the initially viewing, the repeat viewings make you respect the genius of the filmmaker.

When the film completed 50 many years, Andhadhun director Sriram Raghavan wrote that Jewel Thief however gives him goosebumps and he cited it as one in all his inspirations. “Doppelgangers, innocent on the run, mistaken id and brainwashing are themes from the darkest of noir capers. However there may be nothing in any respect noir in Jewel Thief, which is complete of splashy colours, costumes, grand units and tunes,” he wrote in Hindustan Conditions on the time. pleasure from?v=tOMT-uDPUdg

By the point the film is inching in path of its climax, the stakes are extra substantial and Vijay units it versus a monitor that flawlessly captures the stress of the screenplay. Hotho Pe Aisi Baat is not only a distraction so the robbers can steal the jewels, the lyrics listed right here trace at what’s coming future. Because the tune reaches its crescendo, the length of the photographs retains receiving shorter, increase the suspense of the ‘jewel thief’. Even the glances exchanged regarding tertiary figures are substantial on this article. Vijay Anand, who was fondly thought to be Goldie, produced this movie like he was an viewers member seeing a thriller. Because the suspense begins to unfold and the viewers begins to piece the puzzle alongside each other, it feels just like the filmmaker can foresee every particular person question that’s in your mind and options them an individual by only one.

Vijay Anand’s Jewel Thief was a single of the key hits of 1967, and within the a very long time provided that the film has gained reward from all those that have uncovered it. So in case you are seeking to watch a film that has the potential to not allow you to stare at your phone monitor, glimpse no much more.

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