Devil May Cry 6: 5 Potential Plotlines

Even though Devil May Cry isn’t getting much attention right now, Capcom’s other series leave a lot to be desired for the sixth game.

Fans are looking forward to Hideaki Itsuno’s Dragon’s Dogma 2, so many people are wondering what this might mean for Devil May Cry 6. Which is the next game in the famous hack-and-slash series. Since the same person who made Dragon’s Dogma 2 also made the Devil May Cry series and most recently the popular Devil May Cry 5, fans may have to wait a long time for a new game.

Taking this into account, Capcom could very well have a lot of plots and stories in store for players when the time comes. This is especially true after the ending of Devil May Cry 5, which left fans wanting more.

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