Features of Gen5 Glock Pistols

Glock’s Gen5 pistols have a variety of improvements over their predecessors. These include a non-polygonal rifled barrel, no-finger grooves, and a new nDLC finish.

They also have ambidextrous slide stop levers and upgrades to Glock’s Safe Action(r) System.

Ambidextrous Slide Lever

Gen5 Glock pistols feature a fully ambidextrous slide lever which is easier for gun owners to manipulate. In addition, the ambidextrous slide lever makes a big difference in quick reloads, whether right or left-handed.

The ambidextrous slide lever is also available as the VTSS-003, which features a more robust design with a coil spring for added reliability and longer service life. It’s an excellent option for anyone who can’t use their factory slide stop lever or if their original one needs replacement.

Another subtle change on gen5 Glock pistols is the removal of finger grooves from the grip frame. It is a move that Glock has made to return to the smooth grips of their first and second-generation pistols from the 1980s.

Reversible Magazine Catch

Glock pistols feature a reversible magazine catch that allows right- or left-handed shooters to operate the gun with either hand. It is a good feature that makes for easier handling and quicker reloads.

Gen4 and Gen5 Glocks have a more comprehensive magazine well than their predecessors, taking inspiration from race gun shooters for faster reloads. However, this does not change holster fit; it just offers an additional layer of grip that helps reduce magazine drag and increase ergonomic comfort for the user.

The reversible catch also features an interchangeable detent engaged by the underside of the actuator nut, preventing it from unscrewing without intentionally depressing the detent into the slot on the underside of the nut. The spring urging arm 18 into engagement with the magazine notch 15 is another feature that prevents the reversible magazine catch from accidentally opening the magazine in either direction.

Dual Recoil Spring System

The dual recoil spring system feature of gen5 pistols is a great way to help reduce the amount of felt recoil you feel when shooting your pistol. It also significantly extends the lifespan of your recoil spring assembly, which is especially helpful for high-volume shooters.

Rather than use just one spring, Glock has implemented a dual recoil spring system. It allows the recoil spring to dissipate energy more efficiently, which helps to improve accuracy and make your shooting experience a lot smoother.

The dual recoil spring system consists of one guide rod with a second spring attached to it, depending on the generation and model of the pistol. The two springs work together to increase the service life of your recoil spring assembly and improve the feeding of rounds from your magazine.

Flared Magazine Well

A flared magazine well is an upgrade that is rapidly gaining popularity in the firearm industry. It aims to make magazine insertions into your pistol’s magwell more convenient and faster.

This feature was created to improve the reloading process and is ideal for competition or defensive pistols needing quick and accurate reloads. It features symmetrical side cutouts for stripping magazines and allows for easy removal of flush-fitting magazines as well as those that have extensions.

It also helps to prevent the dreaded “reload bobble” by allowing the user to remove the stuck magazine without using a magazine tool. It can also be used to easily access the baseplate of a spare magazine if one becomes stuck inside the pistol.

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