How Much Does It Cost To Replace An AirPods?

Whether you’ve accidentally lost or damaged your AirPods or your charging case, an authorized Apple Service Provider or Apple itself can replace or service your product. A replacement will allow you to enjoy a seamless listening experience without spending a ton on a new pair of AirPods.

How much does it cost to replace AirPods?

If you have AppleCare+, you’ll have to pay a $29 fee to replace each AirPod. Without AppleCare+, it costs $69 for each replacement AirPod, $59 for a standard charging case, and $69 for a wireless case. Airpod Pros cost $89 to replace, and the case is $99.

AppleCare+ doesn’t cover lost or stolen AirPods.

Whether your AirPods are covered by warranty, Apple still offers an after-service guarantee. The company guarantees any repair or service to your AirPods for 90 days or until the Apple warranty ends (whichever is longer). Let’s look at how much you’ll need to spend to replace your AirPods and how you can track them to avoid this issue in the first place.

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