Jennifer Lopez’ Hottest Onscreen Romances: Photos With Movie Hunks

For a time in the late ’90s via the mid-aughts, Jennifer Lopez was the queen of romantic comedies. She normally fell for the ideal man, who commonly belonged to a person else or was in a problem the place it appeared hopeless that they would stop up collectively. But J. Lo usually received her joyful endings in the flicks, and her male costars had been some of Hollywood’s best adult males!

One particular of Jennifer’s most dreamy costars was when she starred reverse Matthew McConaughey in 2001’s The Wedding day Planner. The film confirmed they both equally can play mild and sweet passionate roles, and their chemistry was perfection. It also helped that the motion picture was one huge tease of the two longing for each other, until eventually they have been at last in a position to go after a romance at the stop.

J. Lo’s marriage ceremony planner character, Mary, satisfied Matthew’s pediatrician, Steve, when he rescued her from a runaway dumpster soon after she acquired a heel caught in a manhole. The two had dreamy eyes for every single other, a really like of classic videos and a sweet, old-fashioned way of pretty much courting … right until Mary learned he was the fiancé of just one of her best profile bride clientele.

That induced a great deal of interactions for Mary and Steve as his marriage drew nearer, though the pair experimented with their finest to combat their increasing feelings for just about every other. Inevitably, he and his bride recognized they weren’t intended to be, and Steve realized Mary was the one. But he had to catch her right before she entered into a marriage arranged by her father with a young guy from his hometown in Italy (in a really terrible and borderline chauvinistic facet plot). Jen and Matthew had been both equally so fresh and youthful in this 2001 rom com, and she confirmed such a sweet vulnerability.

Jennifer’s pairing with then-heartthrob Ralph Fiennes in 2002’s Maid and Manhattan was a pleasant surprise. In a circumstance of mistaken identification, his bold politician Christopher Marshall believed Jennifer’s resort housekeeper, Marisa, was a socialite, following catching her making an attempt on a guest’s designer pantsuit. She played together, and the two commenced falling for each individual other. By the time her correct identification was exposed, it did not make a difference to Chris that Marisa was a lodge maid (however she was aspiring to get a advertising into administration). The two manufactured a terrific staff in love and in supporting just about every other’s goals and sizzled on display!

J. Lo experienced loads of other alluring film enjoys, including a younger George Clooney in Out of Sight, which gave the pair some of the ideal acting testimonials of their careers … as perfectly as the most popular eye-to-eye gazes over candlelight ever witnessed on display screen!

Scroll down for Jennifer’s best on-screen enjoys in photographs!

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