Kevin Spacey filming new thriller in Dunsmuir

Mt. Shasta Spot Newspapers

No, your eyes usually are not deceiving you. If you believed you caught a glimpse of Kevin Spacey all around Dunsmuir or Mount Shasta more than the past few weeks, you were not seeing things: the Oscar-winning actor is in Siskiyou County working on a film.

Independent Studio Services LLC is filming “Peter Five 8” in the sleepy canyon town of Dunsmuir, starring Spacey and German-American actor Jett Jandreau. It really is been described as a suspenseful “cat and mouse” thriller with religious undertones, with the plot revolving close to a devilish hitman.

Kevin Spacey

Ninety percent of the movie is being filmed in and all around the corporations on Dunsmuir Avenue. The moment a bustling railroad town, Dunsmuir is now household to about 1,700 people. Nestled in a canyon along the Sacramento River and acknowledged for its pristine h2o — dubbed “The Finest Water on Earth” — the city options picturesque scenery and plenty of historic buildings in which to film a gritty thriller.

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