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2 Hr 25 Mins   |   Motion   |   29-10-2021

Solid – Akash Puri, Ketika Sharma, Ramya Krishna, Uttej and other individuals

Director – Anil Paduri

Producer – Puri Jagannadh, Charmme

Banner – Puni Connects

Songs – Sunil Kashyap

Passionate has got the awareness it required, thanks to lustful teaser, trailer and really hard-hitting youthful dialogues. Puri penned the tale, screenplay and dialogues. He is hoping that this film will adjust the destiny of his son Akash. Does Intimate have the stuff? Or is it just confined to the promos?

What Is It About?

Vasco Da Gama (Akash Puri) is a gangster who will get into smuggling to get prosperous, but he has a coronary heart of gold. He money the charity operate by his grandmother Mary (Rama Prabha). He fulfills Mounica (Ketika Sharma) and is head above heels for her elegance. Vasco Da Gama kills a dishonest law enforcement officer who cheats him. Police office is severe on the problem and a particular officer Ramya Gowariker (Ramya Krishna) is deputed to nab Vasco and therefore conclude the wrongdoings in Goa. Vasco will get arrested and he will get a existence sentence. This puts his enjoy tale with Mounica in a place. Vasco and Mounica dare the regulation for their really like. Will they acquire?


Akash, who was struggling with his performing in past movies, would seem to have enhanced. However he wants to strengthen a great deal. He seems very younger, amateurish to pull off these a major part of gangster. While Akash tries his very best, he is only half-thriving. In passionate scenes, he does a greater career. Mouthing mass dialogues does not in shape him.

Ketika Sharma’s glam demonstrate will make youth go berserk. She steals the clearly show with her natural beauty. It is an complete deal with to view her in romantic and intimate scenes. She sizzles in music. Her revealing costumes and styling elevates her splendor.

Ramya Krishna shines with her efficiency notwithstanding that she is available a badly created character. However she manages to make her existence felt. She brought some seriousness to the movie. Sunaina’s comedy will work in sections. None of the villain figures are productive sufficient to just take them severely. Rama Prabha’s character is very psychological and does not match into the film.


Puri penned the tale, screenplay and dialogues for Passionate. But we marvel whether there exists a detailed story at all. It seems like he is retelling his outdated tales with different set-up and backdrop. It is a wafer-skinny plot of a gangster’s adore tale and attempts to give a youthful touch with ‘lust’. To start with-time director Anil Paduri has nowhere built his mark in the movie. Movie is nicely shot in the picturesque locales of Goa. Songs, however not excellent for ears, are fantastically picturized together with seashores and roads.

Thumbs Up

Ketika Sharma’s Oomph Aspect
Puri’s Dialogues & Climax

Thumbs Down

Predictable Story
Weak Rivals
Flat Narration


Gangster films have been completed to dying. Many films encouraged by God Father have been created in Indian cinema. Ram Gopal Varma has aced in it as he made a gangster trilogy – Satya, Organization & D. But Puri experimented with to display the adore tale of a gangster. Even it is not one thing new as quite a few filmmakers in the previous have attempted. Puri picked a plot that has nothing much to elaborate.

A person glaring difficulty in the movie is that absolutely nothing is hard for the protagonist Vasco as he will get rich conveniently with just a person idea – how to loot a container, he receives to come to be don conveniently (when his boss will get unintentionally killed and he takes over the gang) and he gets the woman he desires very easily. All these appear extremely cinematic and unconvincing. His only problem is the law enforcement who are chasing him and the law that attempts to place brakes on his flexibility and adore. It is obvious that the creating is lazy. Puri, who is intended to write some scenes with mind, can take it frivolously and just fills the scenes. Dialogues are squandered. This makes Intimate appear quite ordinary, regime.

One particular wonders why the relaxation of the dons/villains/goons in the movie are so weak that they can’t challenge Vasco sufficient. In actuality, it presents the emotion that there are rarely any villains remaining other than one particular (Samsung) who will come after in a even though and participates in a shoot-out. Still, it seems pretty unconvincing as a younger gangster Vasco Da Gama has no significant menace as his rivals are way too weak. This seems definitely silly. In reality, Puri’s film doesn’t require villains. As the protagonists in his movies are villains with negative shades! The heroes in his films are baddies too.

On the other hand, the film is not fully bad. It has its times right here and there. Puri, who understands the pulse of masses, gave some lustful scenes, dialogues to satiate their voyeurism. There are cheers, claps from youths for this kind of scenes. There is a parallel drawn involving the adore for nation and really like for ladies which seems to be interesting. Vasco tells Ramya: ‘I Really like My Country’. Paisa Kharchu Ledu. ‘I Appreciate You’. Sarada Teerchestadi. He also tells adore is weak point and discomfort. He does not want to be ‘weakened’ by it. At the end, he is madly in really like with Mounica. All these are not convincingly told. There is a good deal of inconsistency in the really like/lust keep track of which places audiences in puzzling. This takes away the emotional feel.

On the entire, Romantic is strictly catered to the set of audiences who want to see the heroine’s attractiveness. It might pull youths to cinemas. Relatives audiences need to give this a skip.

Base-line: Vasco Da Gama (Vaddu Ra Mama)!

Ranking: 2.25/5

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