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‘Tremendous Sharanya’, the 2nd movie by director Girish Commercial following ‘Thanneer Mathan Dinangal’, had developed an important deal pleasure in campuses previous to its theatrical launch, many due to the highly effective promotions and the at the moment hit tune ‘Ashubha Mangalakaari’.

So, it was no shock that the preliminary day’s to start out with reveal was houseful in theatres and that as effectively with the better a part of the group from schools. What was noteworthy was that the group typically this time had been being college-going ladies.

Certainly, the trailer of the movie skilled demonstrated a story concentrating on a college ladies’s hostel. Usually, Malayalam cinema tells the story from the boys’s hostel. This doubtlessly may very well be the rationale why ladies turned up in enormous numbers on the first day.

Though the basic plot is a campus recognize story of Sharanya (Anaswara Rajan), it additionally captures effectively the bonding amongst the 4 roommates, friendship, humour and anything that’s desired for a campus film. Mamitha Baiju, Devika Gopal Nair and Rosna Joshi. take part in her roommates. Though Anaswara has perfected her character as a village girl from Palakkad coming to a school in Thrissur, Mamitha Baiju as Sona would make the movie a enjoyment view. Sona is a Kochi feminine, who’s the self-proclaimed guardian of Sharanya. She even outshines Sharanya’s character in some scenes.

Anaswara Rajan appears within the titular function in ‘Tremendous Saranya’.

It’s the means Girish has utterly outlined each character within the movie that can make the movement image thrilling to have a look at. Every particular person character has its have flaws reminding nobody is right.

Within the preliminary calendar 12 months of her engineering, just about everybody must be the lover and protector of naive Sharanya.

Sharanya is an individual who is just not assured about herself and indirectly manages to mess up objects. Even discovering a dance stage or throwing a banana peel out of the window, which her shut associates do shortly, are very sophisticated for Sharanya.

The story is all about how Sharanya evolves because of her faculty encounters and finds like amid the chaos.

Amid the pesky characters, Sharanya has to supply with in college are professor Arun (Vineeth Vishwa) who wish to marry her, a manage-freak senior who has additionally decided to make her the existence companion, classmate Sangeeth (Naslen Ok. Gafoor) who’s regularly hoping to woo her. The report is rarely ever-ending, however these a number of have accomplished extraordinarily correctly in humorously portraying how these sorts of characters could make way of life hell for females.

Arjun Ashok as Deepu performs the like fascination of Sharanya, and he’s not from the exact same faculty or college. In actuality, he’s not in any respect just like the studious Sharanya and has a patchy earlier. They fulfill at some stage in a journey to Kochi and slowly be part of and gel.

Deepu’s good good friend Varun (Varun Dhara) and his brother-in-law Abhilash (Sajin Cherukayil) additionally showcase notable performances.

The movie isn’t just concerning the ladies nonetheless, there are scenes to thrill the viewers longing for some macho steps. There are many customer appearances, greeted by loud and cheering crowds within the theatre.

Songs by Justin Varghese and cinematography by Sajith Purushan make the movement image a nice watch.

Each single character in ‘Tremendous Sharanya’ leaves a mark and the story flows with out drag for the complete two hrs and forty minutes. This a single is definitely a key enhancement round ‘Thanneer Mathan Dinangal.’

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