Five Movies With Chris Hemsworth That You Should See

Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth can play a wide range of roles, from shady space masters to dim-witted receptionists. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has also played Norse gods and a warrior.

The Australian star has a face that shows he has no fear, and he is not afraid of the weather. Hemsworth had to deal with snow, wind, and even being set on fire for Extraction 2, his new action movie. He knows what he’s doing.

1. Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness is more of an engineered movie than a directed one; it’s calibrated to deliver sensation on cue and stocked with enough new character twists to keep fans rapt. That’s not to say it lacks muscularity; a shootout with a battalion of Klingons and Spock’s climactic duel offer thrilling action, while the plot’s tension-jammed yarn gives the leads depth of feeling and inner demons that weren’t as apparent in the 2009 series reboot.

The result is a movie that works on its chosen level probably better than any Trek film since First Contact. And it does so without sacrificing the franchise’s core values in the process. That’s something to be celebrated. It’s a big, brash summer movie that knows what it is and does it well. And it’s worth watching just for Hemsworth’s performance.

2. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is an iconic movie that features plenty of action and comedy. Although it does contain some frightening moments, the deadpan humor of Murray and Aykroyd keep this movie fun for all audiences.

The team of Ghostbusters is made up of a group of scientists who work together to save the world from supernatural creatures. The characters each bring something unique to the team, with Peter bringing his “boys will be boys” attitude and Ray’s wide-eyed wonder, while Egon adds a sense of respectable pragmatism and Winston brings spiritual discernment.

The solar movies also contains a lot of visual and verbal innuendoes, including a possessed Dana giving Ray oral sex; the Ghostbusters firing their proton packs at a hotel ballroom, dropping chandeliers, tossing tables, and scarring walls; a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man destroying the city (and crashing into cars and buildings along the way). This is an excellent movie for families to enjoy together.

3. Thor: Ragnarok

In this Marvel movie, Hemsworth proves he’s not only adept at throwing a hammer to the moon and back but can also handle the darker side of his character. Director Taika Waititi averts narrative pomposity in favor of charm, comedy and gargantuan spectacle.

Thor must reunite with his duplicitous brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and team up with new and old friends to defeat Hela, the goddess of death. Ragnarok is a wild ride that’s sure to delight fans of the franchise.

Hemsworth proves he can do anything in this film about Formula 1 racer James Hunt. Rush was a high-octane thriller that won rave reviews from critics. It was one of Hemsworth’s highest-rated movies.

4. Thor: The Dark World

After the success of Star Trek Into Darkness, Hemsworth was offered another role in this sequel to 2011’s Thor. This time, the God of Thunder must fend off an evil villain who threatens to plunge all of Asgard into darkness.

Hemsworth delivers a fine performance here, showing that he is more than just an action hero. He also displays a great deal of comedy, making this a fun movie to watch. Unlike his other roles, Hemsworth doesn’t play a superhero here but rather an eccentric cult leader named Billy Lee. This is a stylish thriller that proves Hemsworth can handle anything he puts his mind to. A must-see for fans of the actor. Featuring an excellent cast and a compelling plot. The action is fast and furious. The film also features a stunning fight scene between Hemsworth and a giant alien monster.

5. The Huntsman: Winter’s War

The sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, this fairytale-turned-action-adventure finds Hemsworth as one of two lead characters fighting for domination. He reunites with Charlize Theron as evil queen Ravenna, who kidnaps young warrior children (including Hemsworth’s character Eric) and unleashes their Snowmiser ability to turn anything they touch to ice.

Emily Blunt matches Hemsworth icicle-for-icicle as scorned sister and rival, Freudian frostiness aplenty. Together, they brawl, clinch, and try on ill-fitting Scottish accents as a love-struck Huntsman and his lady friend set out to prove that love, leather chaps, and haggis conquer all.

Before Hemsworth was a god of thunder, he was a professional racecar driver. Rush, which chronicles the death of renowned Formula One driver James Hunt, put Hemsworth on the map as a leading man. It’s a riveting and uplifting story that proves you don’t have to be a hero to be a legend.

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