How can I download Instagram videos without the app?

Instagram is all about capturing the moment and sharing it with your friends and family. It is a new trend that is getting major traffic from youth these days. Since it is quite a video and image-driven platform, users would want to download the videos or images to hold onto them for later viewing. I also need to download Instagram videos without any app, so what do I do?

According to my experience, here are the best methods to download Instagram videos without using any app:

  1. Download via the screen recorder option
  2. Download via the add-ons
  3. Download via the source code
  4. Download via online tools

Most people don’t realize this is something you can do by yourself in about a few seconds with no apps or installation. Although there is no option of downloading a particular video given by Instagram I have a few methods that you can use to download the videos to your device. So, keep reading at the end! 

Why do we download Instagram videos?

Humorous, helpful, or just enchanting videos on Instagram can often make viewers want to save them for future reference. If you find a video post that’s worth keeping, you can always bookmark it and refer to it in the Saved tab of your Instagram account. But if you really want to download a video on your device for more flexibility, there are some simple ways available. To know more about those methods, read ahead! 

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Download via the screen recorder option

The screen recorder option especially comes for Android and iOS devices. If you are an iPhone or Android user this is a great method for you. Using this, you can record Instagram videos on your devices directly. And no need to install any app or software.


  • Easy method for both beginners and experts
  • Don’t need to use any app, software, or installation


  • You can’t select the quality resolution before downloading the video
  • The whole screen is recorded
  • Only available for iPhones 

Download via the add-ons

This is a basic way to download Instagram videos on your PCs without using any app. Is by using add-ons. Only you need to have a browser extension to use this approach. And also this method is only useful for PC users. It doesn’t require any app or software. Keep in mind that you can’t use this method for mobile phones.


  • No need for any app or software
  • The easiest method for PC users 
  • You can watch videos offline


  • Only you can use this method for PC devices
  • This method is not suitable for mobile users 
  • Need a strong internet connection to load videos

Download via the source code

With source code, you can download Instagram videos directly from the browser without any app or installation. In actuality, this is a basic method that you can use to download Instagram videos once you get the hang of it. This is a PC-based method. In this method, you have to use the Inspect Element feature option. So, give it a try! 


  • A better method for PC users
  • No need for an app or any installation


  • Not available for mobiles 
  • Complex method
  • Need a special technical skill to use this method

Download via online tools


This is a flexible solution that offers amazing features such as adjusting bandwidth limitations, auto-extracting zips, and download automation with accurate monitoring. 


  • Save videos from multiple platforms
  • It has more additional features and exceptional file support
  • Automation options with various other parameters


  • Annoying ads in this tool
  • Slow to launch with an intense load
  • Memory-intensive with high RAM consumption

DownloadGram – My favorite

Here’s another app that caught my attention that also does the job. Its main features include it has no cons and comes with a very eye-catching interface. If you use this DownloadGram online tool at once, you will really love it! 


  • It allows you to download Instagram videos and images in one place
  • Totally free forever
  • Download Instagram photos and videos with a one-click
  • Unlimited download
  • Fastest tool ever
  • Multi-photo and video download
  • No requirement to install any app or software
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Completely safe tool forever
  • Free from annoying ads
  • No need to sign up or log in to save videos
  • No need to enter the personal information


  • No cons to show


Also, this is a great solution for Instagram video downloading. Because of easy access and impressive downloading speeds, SnapDownloader is very famous. Converting downloaded videos directly to MP3 and different file formats makes this a versatile tool for any video-downloading experience.


  • Provides a clean user experience
  • No annoying ads
  • Latest format support with AR and 3D


  • Not available for Android devices


  1. Can I download Instagram videos from private accounts?

No, you can’t. it is not possible to download Instagram videos from private accounts. And, it is not a fair thing to share others ’ videos as your own. So, privacy settings restrict access to their content. And it comes as a legal problem for you. 

  1. Do I need to provide my Instagram login details to download videos using apps?

Yes, some dedicated apps need you to enter your login details to use your Instagram account credentials to access and download Instagram videos.

  1. Are online tools safe to use for downloading Instagram videos?

It depends on your selections. While most famous tools are safe and trusted to use. But be careful of websites that prompt you to install additional software or provide suspicious download links. And be careful about websites that need your login details to log their websites. 


Now you know how to download Instagram videos, make sure you are doing so responsibly. 

Now, you can download Instagram videos on your PC and smart devices and you can watch them later anywhere and anytime. So, I think this article will be really helpful. So, let us know which method worked best for you, or if you know of another way we’ve not yet mentioned.

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