Oracle: How It Has Strengthened Data Management Processes


Oracle is a revolutionary product designed by the Texas-based Oracle Corporation. This particular product offers a robust database management system that benefits businesses and non-profit organizations really well. 

One of the best things about Oracle is that it is compatible with all kinds of data storage models. It is available in multiple editions including Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, and Personal Edition. Apart from being scalable, Oracle products have been known to be highly secure and perform exceedingly well. 

Understanding the Product 

The database management system, which Oracle offers, is also referred to as Oracle. Before you study it further, you must remember that it is a multi-model relational database management system. It has been largely designed to support services like data warehousing and enterprise grid computing. Regardless of the industry you work in, you must have definitely heard about Oracle sales automation

The Oracle database is available in as many as five different editions. Each of these five editions has certain commonalities and a few differentiating elements as well. Before you buy an Oracle product, you must make it a point to get some information on each of these five editions. 

Standard Edition One

This particular edition of Oracle is best suited for business applications that are branched out in different directions or ones that operate on a single server. 

Standard Edition

It has all the features that you come across in the Standard Edition One. However, it offers better machine support along with a specialized clustering service pertaining to Oracle Real Application. 

Enterprise Edition

When you opt for this edition, you can expect strong performance, dependable security features and scalability. If you carry out highly-critical or heavy-duty applications on a regular basis, you could go for this particular edition.

Express Edition

When you are looking for an Oracle edition that is most suitable for beginners, you should opt for the Express Edition. It is free to download and can be downloaded and installed very conveniently as well. You will face no issues while managing it either. 

Personal Edition

It is very similar to the Express Edition. However, you don’t get Oracle Real Application Clustering with it. 

Features of the Product 

When you decide to implement a database management system, you expect it to be powerful and reliable. Oracle lives up to all the expectations you have from a database management system and even goes beyond that. 

Here are some of the most appealing features of Oracle:


High data availability is one of the prerequisites of real-time applications. Advanced computing ecosystems are designed in a way that they offer data availability at all times. When you opt for Oracle, you can expect data to be available even during downtimes and situations when some mechanism malfunctions. 


For a database to be scalable, it should have features like portability and real application clustering. These are features you can expect to find in Oracle. When you are using a multiuser database, it becomes imperative to regulate data concurrency and consistency. 


When you are dealing with a large amount of data, you have to take certain measures to ensure it remains safe at all times. Data leakage is one of the biggest issues companies across the world face. To prevent the possibility of unauthorized access, Oracle marketing cloud helps you control user actions and implement authorization. 


When the system breaks down or suffers from some kind of failure, you should be ready to protect the data or recover it safely. It is not just important to recover the data but also to ensure that it is recovered fast. You should try and have a data backup ready in advance. When you have a backup at your disposal, you don’t feel worried about losing data all the time.

Benefits of Using Oracle

Though there are several other products offering database management solutions, Oracle has the edge over them. As a brand, Oracle has always worked towards fulfilling industrial requirements and molded or upgraded its products according to the prevailing technology trends. The features you come across in Oracle products make them worth investing in.

Multiple Database

One of the biggest benefits of using Oracle, undoubtedly, is the fact that it makes it possible for the user to use and control multiple databases at the same time using a single server. You also get access to the Instant Caging method that enables you to control CPU distribution on a server that is hosting the database instances.


High performance is one thing you can definitely expect when you invest in Oracle. By incorporating performance tuning in a dedicated database management system, the stored data and information can be altered or retrieved much quicker. By implementing Oracle, you can also increase the query execution time significantly. 


With the help of Real Application Clusters, Oracle offers users a high information availability system. As compared to traditional database servers, Oracle offers a wide range of benefits including load balancing, database scaling, and expanding processing capacity. 


Whether you are carrying out small-scale applications or using enterprise-level software, you will benefit significantly by procuring Oracle. It is a robust database management software that supports and powers modern applications extremely well. To consultant with VIRTUOS, contact us at +91 124-498-5500.

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